Fighter Box Office Collection 8th Day: Hrithik Roshan’s Film Surges with Impressive Earnings

Fighter Box Office Collection

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Fighter Box Office Collection: Diving into the latest box office update, “Fighter” is making waves with its stellar performance at theaters. Led by the charismatic Hrithik Roshan and featuring the talented Deepika Padukone alongside Anil Kapoor, the movie is captivating audiences nationwide.

Critics are praising the direction and writing of “Fighter,” adding to the buzz surrounding the film. While opinions among audiences vary, the overall reception is positive, with high expectations riding on Hrithik’s performance.

Crafted with mass appeal in mind, “Fighter” has raked in an impressive ₹28.00 Cr on its third day, showcasing its strong box office presence. As the film continues its run, anticipation grows to see if it will meet the audience’s expectations.

Fighter Box Office Collection

Here is the collection of Fighter movie day wise.

DayIndia Net Collection
Day1₹ 22.5 Cr
Day 2₹ 39 Cr
Day 3₹ 28.00 Cr 
Day 4[1st Sunday]₹ 28.5 Cr
Day 5₹ 8.00 Cr
Day 6₹ 7.75 Cr
Day 7₹ 6.25 Cr
Day 8₹ 5.25 Cr
Total₹ 145.25 Cr

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Fighter Movie Cast:

The cast of “Fighter” boasts an impressive lineup of seasoned actors. Headlining the film are Hrithik Roshan and Deepika Padukone, supported by the talented Anil Kapoor. This strong casting has the potential to greatly impact the film’s box office success.

Hrithik RoshanSquadron Leader Shamsher “Patty” Pathania[10]
Deepika PadukoneSquadron Leader Minal “Minni” Rathore[11]
Anil KapoorGroup Captain Rakesh “Rocky” Jai Singh[12]
Karan Singh GroverSquadron Leader Sartaj “Taj” Gill[13]
Akshay OberoiSquadron Leader Basheer “Bash” Khan[14]
Sanjeeda SheikhSanchi Gill, Taj’s wife
Talat AzizPatty’s father
Rishabh SawhneyAzhar Akhtar
Sharib HashmiVarthaman
Ashutosh RanaAbhijeet Rathore, Minni’s father
Geeta AgrawalUsha Rathore, Minni’s mother
Mahesh ShettySquadron Leader Rajan “Unni” Unnithan
Banveen SinghSquadron Leader Sukhdeep “Sukhi” Singh
Movie Cast

Fighter Budget

The film “Fighter” has seen a substantial increase in its budget due to its star-studded cast. Hrithik Roshan is renowned as one of Bollywood’s top-paid actors, and Deepika Padukone also commands a significant fee for her leading role. With all these actors contributing to the film, its budget has risen considerably. According to reports, the budget for this film stands at ₹250 crores. Now, the critical question remains: will the film’s earnings exceed its budget?

Fighter Cast Fees

Fighter Box Office Collection

According to reports, the star cast of “Fighter” has negotiated substantial fees. Hrithik Roshan has charged a fee of ₹50 crores for his role, while Deepika Padukone has commanded a fee of ₹15 crores. Their fees have had a notable impact on the film’s box office performance.

Fighter Trailer

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