Mahindra BE RALL E Price In India & Launch Date: Features, Specification, Design, Battery

Mahindra BE RALL E Price In India

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Mahindra BE RALL E Price In India: Mahindra, renowned for its robust automotive offerings, continues to captivate Indian consumers with its latest innovation, the Mahindra BE RALL E. Unveiled at the Bharat Mobility Global Expo 2024, this futuristic concept car boasts a sleek and distinctive design, setting it apart from conventional vehicles and embodying the brand’s commitment to innovation and style.

Enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the Mahindra BE RALL E’s launch in India, eager to experience its cutting-edge features and futuristic aesthetics. With its anticipated arrival, the focus shifts to uncovering the Mahindra BE RALL E’s price in India, as consumers prepare to embrace a new era of automotive excellence from the esteemed Mahindra brand.

Mahindra BE RALL E Price In India (Expected)

Mahindra BE RALL E Price In India
Mahindra BE RALL E Price In India

The Mahindra BE RALL E is a concept car that has been generating buzz. As of now, there’s no official information from Mahindra regarding its price in India. However, reports from various media sources suggest that the estimated price for the Mahindra BE RALL E in India could fall somewhere between ₹45 lakhs to ₹50 lakhs if you’re buying it directly from the showroom.

Mahindra BE RALL E Launch Date In India (Expected)

The Mahindra BE RALL E is shaping up to be a stylish SUV car, currently showcased only as a concept. As for its launch date in India, Mahindra hasn’t disclosed any information yet. However, media reports suggest that we might see this car hit the Indian market by 2025.

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Mahindra BE RALL E Design 

Mahindra has unveiled the BE RALL E as a concept car, showcasing its electric SUV design. The car boasts a stylish and bold exterior, specifically designed for off-road adventures, featuring distinct C-shaped LED DRLs and generously sized alloy wheels.

Mahindra BE RALL E Design 
Mahindra BE RALL E Design 

Inside, the BE RALL E impresses with its spacious and stylish interior. The car’s substantial length and width provide ample room for passengers. Expect a modern interior with a large touchscreen infotainment system, adding to the overall appeal of this Mahindra electric vehicle.

Mahindra BE RALL E Battery & Range

Mahindra BE RALL E Battery
Mahindra BE RALL E Battery

Mahindra has yet to reveal details about the battery specifications for the BE RALL E. However, reports suggest that it could be equipped with a battery ranging from 60 kWh to 80 kWh. Regarding its range, the BE RALL E is anticipated to offer between 400km to 500km on a single charge, according to various news sources.

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Mahindra BE RALL E Features 

Mahindra BE RALL E Features: Mahindra has yet to disclose specific features for the BE RALL E car. However, speculations suggest that it could come equipped with a range of futuristic features. Potential features might include a touchscreen infotainment system, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Off-Road Driving Modes, a Panoramic Sunroof, and Regenerative Braking. These features could contribute to the overall appeal and functionality of the Mahindra BE RALL E.

Mahindra BE RALL E Specification

Car NameMahindra BE RALL E
CategoryEV SUV
Seats5 Seater
Launch Date In India2025 (Expected)
Price In India45 Lakh To 50 Lakh Rupees (Estimated)
FeaturesADAS, off-road driving modes, panoramic sunroof, regenerative braking, touchscreen infotainment system (Expected)
Battery60kWh To 80kWh (expected)
SegmentA Segment SUV
Safety FeaturesABS, EBD, Airbags, Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, 360° Camera

Mahindra BE Rall-E Electric Adventure SUV || Based on BE05 Born Electric SUV

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